Remove Share webscript for Mediawiki formatting of webscript index


Share has a webscript that will return the index of webscripts in share in media wiki formatting.  This web script is not used any where in the product and most likely is not used by any customers. 

The call returns a page with labeling for Alfresco Labs 3.  It states that the page is a work in progress.

The page echo's back the calling URL in the generated page.  While not a security issue, because this is generating a read only mediawiki markup page, some pen test suites will register the generated page with the calling url written in it as an issue.

Request: Remove the feature for generating the mediawiki markup of the webscript index. At a minimum the webscript itself should be removed.  This is unmaintained dead code.


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John Iball


Jared Ottley

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