Avoid contacting TransformService for unsupported transformations


When we upload a binary file to Alfresco Repository (e.g. an image) the Alfresco Elasticsearch Connector will contact the Transform Service and it will answer with an error message. This flow is useless, so we must avoid it.


Acceptance criteria

  • Call ATS API to get the supported list of transformations during the startup (http://localhost:8090/transform/config)

  • The config should be updated periodically

  • Make this configurable

    • switched on/off

    • period of config refresh in live indexing and reindexing component

  • Unit/Integration tests

  • Documentation about configuration

    • If the refresh f config is required sooner than the configured value a restart of the application is required




Davide Cerbo
April 28, 2021, 2:12 PM

After a chat with Jan and Tom we noticed that we have three option to solve this issue:

  • Contact every time transform service and stop content indexing if the status is 400

  • Caching failing mimetypes and avoid to contact TransformService when it isn’t required

  • Invoking http://localhost:8090/transform/config in order to read all available transformations and caching them.

The cache can’t be forever because available transformers may change during the time. We cannot have a static list because using some custom configuration some mimetype could be supported (e.g. text extraction from images)




Davide Cerbo

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