CLONE - Check licenses


Acceptance criteria:

  • Check that the license-maven-plugin generates the third party license list in alfresco-elasticsearch-connector/alfresco-elasticsearch-connector-distribution and it is placed in all docker images and distribution zip

  • Check that the list of licenses is formatted according to licenseMerges config.

  • Check and update alfresco-elasticsearch-connector/alfresco-elasticsearch-connector-distribution/src/main/resources/licenses

  • Check and update the third party license section in alfresco-elasticsearch-connector/alfresco-elasticsearch-connector-distribution/

  • If a new license needs to be approved, submit an IS work order according to the following process:

    1. Development employee identifies any need for use of an open source technology.  The use for open source could be a tool to assist in daily tasks and development processes, or to be incorporated and redistributed with Hyland products both on premise and hosted.

    2. Alfresco Product Office or the Development employee submits an IS Work Order in HSIDB requesting the use of open source technology (HSIDB -> HSI CM tab -> IS Work Order).

    3. IS Help Desk will seek Manager approval for use of open source technology.

    4. If the open source was not previously reviewed and approved by IS for use, the IS Work Order will be assigned to Lynn Westfall.   

    5. Lynn Westfall will begin vendor onboarding process and determine if a contact is required.

    6. Sourcing will coordinate with Legal and will notify employee of approval or denial.


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Tom Page
17 hours ago

We previously ran into an issue with the License Maven Plugin, but there’s now a fix for it. I’ve posted here to see if we could get a release containing the fix:

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