File links created in Share don't work in ADW


File links created in Share don't work in ADW

ACS 6.2.2
ADW 2.0.0-adw

Steps to reproduce:
1. Log in to Share
2. Go to a file (not a folder), select "Copy To..."
3. Select "Create Link"
4. Log in to Digital Workspace
5. Click on the newly created link

Expected Behaviour:
Opens the document that it is linked to

Observed Behaviour:
"Couldn't load preview. Unknown format."

Additional Information:
The link for folders work, and the preview works for the original document.
Also, as a side note, folder links created in share sites are always redirected to the repository, but the repository link is hidden by default in the top bar in ACS 6.2. Shouldn't there be a check to see if the destination is within a site and redirect to the site rather than in the repository?



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Shilpa Tupe

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Category 2