Request to automatically create all the imported AIMS user's profile prior to the first login.


This is an enhancement request to have options to automatically create all the imported user's profile prior to the first login. It is good to have it, such as when we import many users into keycloak using LDAP sync.

When a user logs in through identity brokering, some aspects of the user are imported and linked within the realm's local database. When Keycloak successfully authenticates users through an external identity provider, there can be two situations:

1. There is already a Keycloak user account imported and linked with the authenticated identity provider account. In this case, Keycloak will authenticate as the existing user and redirect back to the application home page.

2. There are not yet existing Keycloak user accounts imported and linked for this external user or user accounts imported but not linked. In this case, Keycloak will ask for reviewing the user profile page rather than redirect to the application home page.

There are the following two ways to make the user profiles.

1. Admin to create all the users profile through the 'keycloak admin console' in advance before each user's first login.
2. Each user to create the user profile at the First Login.

Some customers require redirecting the users to the application server page straight away for the first login. Thus, they will take the option "1". It is too much work to make the user profile if we import a number of users by LDAP. It may be the keycloak side as the user profiles are stored in their database, but this JIRA is created to automate linking all the users' accounts with identity providers present in the Federated identity option available in the Alfresco Identity Service account service URL.


ACS 6.2.2
Identity Services 1.3

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Shilpa Tupe

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