Cutoff Handling of Records in Hold


Currently, if records are eligible for Cutoff but are also on Hold, the Cutoff/DispositionLifecyceleJob attempts to process all records eligible for Cutoff. If Job encounters records eligible for Cutoff but that are also on Hold, DispositionLifecyceleJob throws excpetion.

Customer is processing many Records in that meet this condition, many being 12 million records eligible for Cutoff with approximately 5 million On Hold. As a result the job takes long time to run as each record that is On Hold is also being considered and exception is thrown/logged:

Customer has requested improvement such that if record is On Hold, it not even be processed as part of the Cutoff. Record is excluded before Cutoff logic is attempted



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Cassandra Panayiotou
4 days ago

Please can this be reviewed? It is a proposed enhancement to (already delivered as a Hotfix).

I believe you need to review this for prioritisation or to see if it should be considered a bug and eligible for release in a SP or new functionality which will require a point release. Are you able to advise, please?




Michael Wallach

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