Exclusive gateway "Flow Order" still not retained on export/import after fixing MNT-18272


Even after fixing MNT-18272, it seems that the gateway flow order is still not correctly retained when exporting and reimporting such a process as part of an app.

Steps to reproduce
1. Login to activiti-app and via App Designer create a new process with an exclusive gateway and at least 5 outgoing sequence flows (In a similar way as attached in app FlowOrder.zip)
2. Change the flow order of the exclusive gateway explicitly and note the order. For example name the tasks the flows run in 1,2,3,4,5 and order them numerically then based on task name.
3. Create an app with the process contained and export that app.
4. Delete the app and the process
5. Import the exported app from step 3 using "Import App" in App Designer
6. Check the sequence order of the exclusive gateway in the BPMN editor for the re-imported process.

Expected behaviour
The order is retained and is as it was before app export.

Current behaviour
The order is not retained.

Supporting evidence

  • Reproduced in current latest APS 1.11.2 release

  • If you cannot reproduce on first attempt, try another time, as you might have run into a lucky situation where the order was correct randomly.



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Dennis Koch


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