The APS BPMN editor is missing the compensation intermediate throwing event


The BPMN editor in APS is currently missing the compensation intermediate throwing event ( This makes the available boundary compensation event not usable at all.

Steps to reproduce
Using activiti-app and the BPMN editor, try to design a process with a boundary compensation event, where the compensation event is triggered through a compensation intermediate throwing event. Such a process sample picture is given at

Expected behaviour
As the BPMN editor offers the boundary compensation event, there should be a way to trigger such a compensation event via the compensation intermediate throwing event. See attached compensationThrowingEvent.png.

Current behaviour
There is NO compensation intermediate throwing event available and therefore it is impossible to use the available boundary compensation event. See attached missingCompensationThrowingEvent.png

Supporting evidence

  • Reproduced in current latest APS 1.11.2

  • Also tried to import a BPMN file with a compensation intermediate throwing event but we are missing the graphical notiation and also the XML syntax after import.



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Dennis Koch

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