Incorrect “Date and Time” in the properties EXIF section for a photo being stored in Share


Incorrect "Date and Time" in the properties EXIF section for a photo being stored in Alfresco Share

Steps to reproduce:
1. Install ACS 6.2 with server timezone set to 'Australia/Sydney'.
2. log in to Share and upload the attached sample photo. The photo was taken in Adelaide timezone.
Details of a sample Photo in Photos App on iPhone:

3. Try the below step on two client machines with 'Australia/Sydney' and 'Adelaide' timezone.
Click on the uploaded photo and check photo properties EXIF information.

Expected Behaviour:
Both client machine should display the correct date and time in EXIF section.

Observed Behaviour:
Client machine with 'Australia/Sydney' timezone display:

Client machine with 'Adelaide' timezone display:

Please refer the attached screenshots.



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Nithin Nambiar
April 22, 2021, 1:11 PM

I was able to replicate the problem. The Exif property exif:DateTimeOriginal is used by the metadata extractor for the date/time info. the raw data doesn’t contain any timezone information.

If you use the V1 rest api(​/nodes​/{nodeId}, you should always get the same date/time regardless of the client timezone. But i see that in share it might applying client timezone while displaying this information. Someone from share team might be able to confirm.




Shilpa Tupe

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