AAE - M11 Natively created and deployed BPMN is not honoring the conditions defined and always goes to default


The customer is facing issues where BPMN are not evaluating the conditions correctly, when completing task and always taking the default route. Please see attached two set of working vs non-working BPMN process model files as example, both are exported by the Modeler.

Please find attached 'm11OriginalCreated-Bad.zip' is the simple sample BPMN, where customer have defined a process variable "action", they set the variable value to "Approve" while completing task. Customer expect the process to complete. But the process is getting routed to default condition. This is happening for many workflows, which are natively built on M11.

This was not the scenario in M6. And it does not reproduce also with the M6 process model script converted to M11 and it is working good. See the good script example at 'm6convertedm11-Good.zip'.

I compared the good vs bad example, and I found some differences in term of the two model. But since both natively created M11 BPMN file and M6 converted to M11 BPMN are both exported from M11 modeler, can someone confirm if we have a bug in the M11 modeler which doesn't add the required tags and hence the process deployed doesn't work ? How did the M6 converted BPMN script different from the M11 natively created BPMN script? Why would the M6 converted BPMN script worked but not the M11 natively created BPMN script?

Is this a known issue?


AAE 7.1 M11, Modelling app

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Elias Ricken de Medeiros
March 31, 2021, 4:54 PM

Indeed, there is a gap between the UI and some edge use cases (as the one about setting task variables only via API). We can open a bug for that.

However, this is a UI limitation only, at runtime, there is no difference between a variable set via API or via form. The workaround is to add the MAP_ALL option directly from the extension editor (instead of UI).


Note that variables mapping are not limited to forms, you case choose the mapping type for services tasks as well, in that case, it will map process variables to/from connector inputs/outputs

I hope this helps.

Seng Ei Liaw
March 31, 2021, 3:34 PM

The customer has some question back for the suggestion as it does not apply to their use case, can you please advice ?

Regarding the update, you have mentioned this : "You need to choose the option Map all inputs/outputs variables in the modeler for that task if you want to map automatically tasks variables to process variables."

In the modeler, the option to Map variables is only available, when we choose a form on the task. However, we are not using FORMs and in that case it should also work, which is not the case here. This was not the case in M6 as well. 

Also, what about Service tasks, we will not have "form" there as well.


Elias Ricken de Medeiros
March 29, 2021, 10:05 AM

Hi, in version M10, there was a change in the default behavior on how task variables are mapped to/from process variables. The details are available in the release notes for version M10. If you compare the two attached files, the converted one has MAP_ALL declared in the extension files (this was probably added by the conversion tool). In the project created with M11, the mappings section is empty. You need to choose the option Mapp all inputs/outputs variables in the modeler for that task if you want to map automatically tasks variables to process variables.




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