CLONE - File and Folder Permissions mixed in a site



This Jira is a continuation of MNT-21847. Fix was provided to the customer, but they noticed permissions from other sites. They would like to know if this was a side effect from the original issue.

Steps to reproduce:


Expected Beaviour:

Site should not contain permissions from other sites.

Observed Behaviour:

Customer is noticing permissions from other sites.

Environment Reproduction:

Aurora (MySQL), Alfresco, Tomcat

Analysis to date:

These are the answers to the followup questions from

  • How was folder CH01 created ? In the uk-online-archive or in the spi-uk site? : Folders are created in uk-online-archive only not copied from other sites.
    Upon time of creation was the parent folder pending ACL fix?: [Yogi]: Yes this site and parent had pending fix acl.

  • Was the folder itself pending ACL fix and moved into the uk-online-archive site? :  Like I mentioned in my earlier answer, folder is not moved/copied
    If you flip the permissions inheritance on CH01, save and then flip again does the issue get solved? (When I say flip I mean, if inheritance is disabled, enable it and save or vice-versa): :  To fix the issue we went to individual folders, and disable inheritance and enabled again.
    Does CH01 or its parent have the pendingFixAcl aspect now? : Yes CH01's parent is still having the pendingFixAcl.

  • Can you reproduce the issue? :  We don't know how this happened, so I don't have steps to reproduce this


Amazon Linux, tomcat, mysql

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