Mobile - Users unable to login with accented characters


Users with accented characters on either the username or the password are unable to login using the Android version of the mobile app.
This problem is only occurring with the Android version of the mobile app, the issue does not occur with iOs app, Share, REST api or CMIS.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a user with an accented character within the username or the password, for example in my case is "tést"

  • Perform a login attempt on the Android mobile app

Expected Behaviour

  • User is able to login

Observed Behaviour

  • User is unable to login, an error message is displayed saying "You're not allowed to access this server" (see attachment "loginError.jpg").

  • The same user is able to login without issues with the iOs application

Additional findings

  • Looking at the network communication between the mobile app and the Repository it appears that the Android app is not encoding special characters in the correct format.
    This is how the word "tést" is sent:

  • Android ~> "t\351st" (once decoded becomes "t�st")

  • iOs/Share/Cmis client ~> "t\303\251st" (once decoded becomes "tést")



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