Renditions for imported MSG files do not retain images or formatting information


Renditions that are automatically generated by ACS for imported email files (i.e. .msg) do not retain images or formatting information. For example images screenshots that are embedded in the email body or attached as separate files are not visible in the PDF rendition.
While the text of attachments such as DOCX files are included in the rendition, no images from such documents or formatting information is included in the rendition.
The transformation is done by Local transformer.
Tested with DTE and same behavior is observed. the transformation of EML or MSG file types fall back to local as these mime-types are not supported by DTE.
Behavior is the same is using Outlook integration to import the MSG file into alfresco ( transformed using outlook integration transformer).

Steps to replicate:
1) in outlook, compose an email that includes some text and also a picture ( jpg or png) in the body of the email. Also add a word attachment containing an image. (example MSG file is attached)
2)upload this MSG file to OOTB share 5.2.6
3)preview the file

Observed behavior:
The transformed PDF shows the file as pure text and is missing the image. ( see capture and also the debug logs attached). No errors can be seen in the logs and the image seems to be completely missed in transformation.

Expected behavior:
We expect to see the text and also the image embedded in email body in the email body PDF rendition.

Further notes:
If you use Alfresco Outlook integration, just drag the email into the chosen folder in the right hand side Alfresco Outlook Client bar, the header of the email ( the from, to subject fields) are formatted correctly, however the images are still missing

The Email attachments are showing with their name only in the file content ( see capture attached)

There is no issues with transforming images as other file types ( such as docx) that contain images are being transformed with no issues.

 The behavior is different to that of SMTP Inbound where the attachments are extracted into separate nodes and the renditions of these attachments are generated with full fidelity.Here the customer requires the MSG's rendition to include formatting & graphics in both the email body and any attachments ,which should be appended to the email body.



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Scott Ashcraft
December 4, 2020, 7:19 PM

This is not a bug.

The only transformer we have out of the box for .msg files is OutlookMsg:

From here, the txt can be transformed into a PDF for preview, and then to an image for thumbnail.

Outlook Integration adds a custom transformer for msg files which is why there is a different behavior.

An enhancement could be considered to add the option to split the msg up into different components much as SMTP Inbound does.

Not a bug


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