Release note for APW 2.6.0


As an end-user, I want to read the release note for this version directly into the Github repository, so that I can learn the fix, improvements, and enhancements.

Release Notes - Process Workspace - Version AAA 2.6

<h2> Task
<li>[<a href=''>DW-1456</a>] - [UI Test Automation] Create deployment descriptor
<li>[<a href=''>DW-1517</a>] - [E2E Automation] Action and Context Menu for admin Task list
<li>[<a href=''>DW-1564</a>] - [UI Test Automation] Do not allow variable edit for Tasks or Processes Cancelled or Completed
<li>[<a href=''>DW-1600</a>] - Automate implementation of correlation-key for interrupting and noninterrupting start message events within subprocess
<li>[<a href=''>DW-1625</a>] - [Admin-App] Remove the wildcard in Search
<li>[<a href=''>DW-1626</a>] - [APA] Remove candidate service calls from task-sidebar component
<li>[<a href=''>DW-1641</a>] - Implement protractor smartrunner to be able to exclude specific tests.

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Marina Oliveira