Unable to delete certain deployment descriptors using the bulk delete option.


  • Log into admin-app, as devops user.

  • Navigate to the Deployment Descriptors page.

  • Navigate to the second or third page of the Descriptors for eg: e2e-app-2200-dvz2h
    deployed from 15th of November, with status 'Descriptor Created'.

  • Choose the multi-select option, choose 1 of the above app for eg: and click on the bulk delete option.

Current Behaviour:
There is an error in the console and there is no user message and the selected Descriptor is not deleted.
But when you choose the 'Delete' option from the individual row action menu of the same app, the Descriptor is deleted successfully.

Expected Behaviour:
The Descriptor will be deleted successfully, through the bulk delete option as well.


Geeta Ayyalasomayajula
December 4, 2019, 11:15 AM

Can we implement entry.name all across in FE? both for individual actions and bulk actions.

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