e2e Automation: add e2e tests for the Upload new version button in the Version component actions


Follow up of ACA-3739. We have discovered that no e2e tests currently cover the Upload New Version functionality, e.g.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Add tests which upload a new file version through the Upload New Version button on the Version Manager pop-up

  • Tests should be added to the version-actions.e2e test class

  • Tests should be added to the viewer-custom-toolbar-info-drawer.e2e

  • Add newly implemented e2e tests to TestRail


Kristian Dimitrov
July 20, 2020, 4:16 PM

Upon further investigation, I have discovered that the issue this Jira was raised against cannot be automated (or at least not for multiple OS environments) and there is no existing functionality in the e2e framework to implement that, as the File explorer window where a file is uploaded from is OS specific and out of Selenium Webdriver's/Protractor's scope. Instead, I've added manual tests in TestRail Versions Actions and in the Viewer.

There are existing automated tests that test that the Upload button is present and also perform the upload function (input), but there are no automated test to actually click the upload button and verify that the File Browser dialog is opened, select a file and click on the upload button.

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