Preview of documents attached on an APS process does not work from ADF


Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Create a task form in APS adding the "Attach file" component

  • Create a new task after the previous one, including the "Display value" component mapped to the "Attach file" Form Id.

  • Save the workflow, deploy the App & run it from ADF. Here is the ADF component used : 

  • Add a file in the first task (doesn't matter if it's stored in ACS or in local). Please make the tests with a docx file or something like that, because it seems that PDF file preview is not working the same way.

  • Finish the task and go through the second one.

  • In the second task, click on the actions button presented side of the file then click on "View".

Current behaviour:
Nothing happens, no errors visible also from the Javascript console .

Expected behavior:
File attached preview opens in browser when user click on the "View" action from a task form. 

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Francesco Corti