CLONE - Activiti will always report the model owner's name and not the user who updated the model when viewing the model history



The person who creates a model is the model owner. The model can then be shared with other users or even viewed by a user who has the capability 'view all tenant's models'. Both of these options allow for other users to edit the model and update the version. However, no matter which user updated the model, the version history will always report the owner of the model's name and not the user who actually updated the model.

See attached 'Model History.png'. The model was updated by other users but always reports the model owner's name next to the version number. On the 10th version the model owner was changed in the database to AUser1. When the model was edited by administrator, version 10 still reported AUser1 as the version creator.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Create a Model in Activiti as a specific user.

  • Share the model or view the model as a user with the capability "View all tenant's models".

  • Open the model as a different user than who created it.

  • Make a small change to the model or simply save the model choosing to save as a new version.

  • Note the History of the model and who the names reported next to each version are

Expected Behavior
The model versions should show the user who updated the model version.

Actual Behavior
The model versions in the history always show the name of the model owner at the time and not who actually made the new version.

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