Alfresco Identity Server integration support


As a system admin configuring APS, I want APS to be configured so it aligns to the Alfresco Identity Service technology using Keycloak. 

This use case will imply a previous user registration in Keycloak of current APS users.

Acceptance criteria:

  • public REST API's calls are authorized by both Bearer token authentication schema as well as with Basic authentication against Keycloak

  • Activiti-app enabled with Keycloak will result in a cookie based authentication of the private REST endpoints against Keycloak 

  • Activiti-admin's old functionality will not be broken by this new configuration

  • This new SSO integration will have priority over the old Oauth2 implementation and Keycloak's enablement will render the old Oauth2 unfunctional

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Sohel Saiyed


Bassam Al-Sarori