Support LDAP sync from multiple targets


As a system admin, I want to be able to configure multiple LDAP targets to ease so my admin work is simplified and the right users in my org can participate in processes.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Multiple search basis can be configured (as in Option 1 from )

  • Using

    as an example, each sub-item like "Birch", "Oak", etc. a sub-query will need to be defined such that only a portion (whatever the query says) of the users in the sub-domain will be pull synchronized. 

  • Also, each sub-domain should have it's own query such that "Birch" could have a different query string from "Oak".



  • It as assumed that there is only one LDAP Server (that might have multiple domains), not multiple LDAP Servers.

  • There is NO requirement for multiple attributes per domain (all attributes are shared for sub-domain)

  • This assumes the LDAP Implementation (not the Active Directory only implementation)


From ACTIVITI-1645:
One way of supporting this in current APS implementation (and probably the practical) is to define multiple userSearchBase & groupSearchBase i.e.

Update current implementation to iterate over each user/group search base and sync them.

This assumes that attribute names are the same for each domain i.e.



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October 31, 2020, 1:18 AM

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