"Attach Folder" form field issues (part 2)


Issue 2
Unable to use the same folder field in multiple user tasks in a process.

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  • Import attached app app-1.zip

  • Open process "test-folder" in editor and open the referenced form in the start event

  • Configure a valid ACS account start folder under the attach options for the folder attachment field

  • Save form and process

  • Update the app to use latest saved process and publish app

  • Run "test-folder" process in the attached app by selecting a folder from ACS.

  • The next user task in the process (nameless task) which has the same form is not getting rendered.

Supporting evidence

  • Reproduced in latest APS 1.6.2 release

  • Suggestion: When addressing Issue 1 from ACTIVITI-1109, can we fix it by storing the value as JSON instead of changing the documentation to say it will be LinkedHashMap? Due to a variety of reasons (analtyics, unnecessary variable update events, etc.) we don't store any system fields as POJOs yet in APS.


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October 31, 2020, 1:18 AM

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