UX for creating a file from a template


This is the UX and design aspect of the create file from template story. https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ACA-1920

User story:
As a Digital Workspace user I want to be able to need to provide a name and optional metadata (title, author, description) when creating a file from a template so files created from tempted don’t contain duplicate names and are better categorised.  




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  • After the user selects the desired template and clicks 'next' the name field is auto-focused and highlighted prompting the user to start typing

  • If having a back button on the metadata dialogue is possible and easy to do then let's do it but it is a nice to have.

  • The wording of the template select dialogue has been updated to 'Next' from 'choose'

  • Screenshot 2019-12-18 10.35.50  shows the message to the user if the document name already exists

Acceptance Criteria

  • A name can be added and is a required field

  • The user can enter the following optional fields

    • Title, Author, Description (this can be between 1 and 4 lines)

  • Filename, Title, Author, Description are pre-populated with values from the template when the dialog is displayed

  • All new UI strings are externalized for localization

  • Selecting 'Cancel' closes the dialogue and the template isn't created, if anything had previously been copied before this point it should be removed

  • Create template submits with all required field populated and creates the file from a template

  • User sees a message if the name required field isn't populated when selecting 'create'

  • If the name of the file being created is taken the user sees a message that the name already taken  

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Irving Navarrete